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Campus Martius Museum and the Ohio River Museum offer community programs, children's events, historical camps, artisan fairs and more. Check back here often for our current listing of events and to read about our current temporary exhibits! For more information on any event listed below, please contact us at 740-373-3750 or Toll Free 800-860-0145

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Exhibit Opening
To End All Wars

May 27, 2017
Where: Campus Martius Museum
Time: 6:30PM - 8:00PM
Cost: Free

Details to come!

Brown Baggin' Thru History

June 2, 2017 (First Friday of every other month)
Where: Campus Martius Museum
Time: Noon - 1PM
Cost: FREE Program. Discounted admission for tour of museum

Guest Speaker: Susan Talbot-Stanaway

Topic: World War 1 Posters: For the Hearts and Minds of Ordinary People

Pres. Woodrow Wilson’s re-election campaign song in 1916 was entitled, “Elect Wilson, He Kept Us out of War.” However, on April 6, 1917, at Wilson’s urging, the United States Congress declared war against Germany. Only a few hours later, one of Wilson’s most energetic campaign backers, George Creel, urged Wilson to develop means to engage the war on the home front through “expression, not suppression.” The objectives were to unify people of all ages and backgrounds, including millions of immigrants, to motivate young men to enlist and women to abandon their traditional roles and become war workers. From the point of view of Ohio history, this presentation will describe the posters as works of art and propaganda, the artists who created them, how posters established new American heroes and heroines, and their lasting importance in national history.

Jazzin' Up the Museums

June 9, 2017
Where: Valley Gem Sternwheeler
Time: 6:30PM - 9PM
Cost: $40 per person; $75 per couple

Join the Friends of the Museums and delight in a delicious meal, buffet style including prime rib and chicken madeira, on the Valley Gem Sternwheeler. Dance the night away while cruising down the Ohio River listening to a live band playing favorites from the 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s era! A cash bar will be available. Tickets include your meal, musical entertainment, & 2 hour cruise.

Your involvement and contribution enables the Campus Martius & Ohio River Museums to offer a wide variety of programs for the community's enjoyment. We look forward to hearing from you.

Reservations Required. (740) 373-3750
$40 per person
$75 per couple

All Tickets are non-refundable

Passport to Fun: Summer Camp at the Museum

June 27-30, 2017
Where: Campus Martius Museum
Time: 9:30AM - 3:00PM
Cost: $100 per student / $90 for FOM Members
Early Bird Registration $10 Off - Deadline April 1, 2017
Who: Ages 7-12; RSVP by June 20, 2017
Scholarships Available.

Let’s get wild and crazy at the museum this summer! Join us for a week full of themed activities. Each day will have a different theme that will leave you wanting more. Everyone will receive a free 2017 Passport to Fun Camp T-Shirt! Bring your friends and share in the fun together. There will be so much to do your head will swim! Start your summer off right by registering for Summer Camp at the Museum: Your Passport to Fun!

Contact Glenna Hoff at (740) 373-3750 or

Click here for a registration form.

Brown Baggin' Thru History

August 4, 2017 (First Friday of every other month)
Where: Campus Martius Museum
Time: Noon - 1PM
Cost: FREE Program. Discounted admission for tour of museum

Guest Speaker: Debbie Tuggle Pendley

Debbie wrote the theme music for TV and radio promotion of Always A River / The Ohio River and the American Experience. She also wrote theme songs for both the Ohio River Sweep and the Kentucky River Sweep, which were used to promote volunteer participation and raise river awareness and clean water awareness.

She was a featured regional entertainer on the River Explorer out of New Orleans, Louisiana for a decade, performing her original river music and stories celebrating wonderful natural and historic places along the Ohio River.

Her river music works include:

“Riverside” (Celebrating the Farnsley Moreman Landing by the Ohio at Louisville)

“River of Mine” (Ohio River Sweep Theme)

“Kentucky River Please Remember Me” (Kentucky River Sweep Theme)

“Always A River” (Foating exhibit celebrating the past, present and future of the Ohio River)

“Barging on the O-Hi-O” (written aboard the River Explorer, her theme song)

“The Towboat Song” (for the W.P.Snyder)

“La Belle Riviere” (a River Anthem)

Her river song catalog also features songs of Kentucky tributaries and rivers as well as the Cumberland River out of Nashville where it meets the Ohio in Paducah, Kentucky all the way back to it's beginning at Bad Branch Falls, at Oven Fork, Kentucky. She worked in Kentucky schools for 25 years as an artist/educator, doing arts and education through music in songwriting residencies with a focus on clean water, waterways and natural and historic places.

Inland Waterways Festival

August 5-6, 2017
Where: Ohio River Museum Museum
Time: 9:30AM - 5:00PM
Cost: FREE

The Inland Waterways Festival is a free, educational event with performers, storytellers, music, hands-on activities, model boat demonstrations, whistle blows, steam launch rides, wildlife displays featuring raptors, owls, & a 2,200 gallon freshwater aquarium.

The purpose of the Inland Waterways Festival is to commemorate the heritage and continuing importance of America’s rivers, canals, and lakes in the development of the Nation. Our goal is to educate the public about how the waterways were a viable means of transportation for commerce and culture and are still heavily relied upon today.

Brown Baggin' Thru History

October 6, 2017 (First Friday of every other month)
Where: Campus Martius Museum
Time: Noon - 1PM
Cost: FREE Program. Discounted admission for tour of museum

Guest Speaker: Susan Talbot-Stanaway

Topic: World War 1 on the Ohio Home Front: “Your Country Calls!”

From 1917 through 1919, thousands of Ohio men and women engaged in the battles of the “Great War.” At home, in community organizations, on the farm, and in the workplace, Ohioans were exposed to new roles, new beliefs, and a new sense of national unity. People, young or old, were urged to support the families of soldiers, to purchase war bonds and stamps, to dig and tend Victory Gardens, to undergo the hardships of rationing, and to report spies and hate the “Hun.” Ohio women, many of whom were already suffragettes, entered the workplace for the first time, supported wartime charities, and joined organizations like the Women’s Land Army. Ohio manufacturers and their employees, shifted to producing munitions, dramatically increased their work forces; some actively recruited African Americans from the South to operate assembly lines. Immigrants from overseas were exposed to programs that would “Americanize” them. This presentation will explore how Ohioans participated in the Great War and how participation shaped important social and political changes.

Boy's Camp In

October 13, 2017
Where: Campus Martius Museum
Time: 6PM - 9AM
Cost: $30 per student; $10 per chaperone

Campus Martius Museum is the perfect spot to learn about wildlife, geology, dinosaurs, and trees. And we can do it all inside. We will even throw in a little history too. Ever tour the Rufus Putnam House in the dark? Bring your bedroll or sleeping bag and join us for a sleepover on Friday, October 13, 2017 at Campus Martius Museum. We will provide the pizza, beverages, and snacks, and activities. You provide the enthusiasm. For every 5 boys, one adult chaperone must accompany them. $30 fee per child must accompany your reservations which are required by October 6, 2017.

Call Glenna, 740-373-3750 for more information and to make reservations.

Appraisal Clinic

November 4, 2017
Where: Campus Martius Museum
Time: 10AM - 2PM
Cost: $5 per item (Limit 2 items) Excludes Museum Admission

Andrew Richmond: independent appraiser and consultant in antiques and art, formerly a vice president at Garth’s Auctions in Delaware, Ohio. With degrees in history from Kenyon College and American Material Culture from the Winterthur Program/University of Delaware, Andrew’s passion is the decorative arts of Ohio. He has lectured and published widely on the subject and has curated two major exhibitions: Equal in Goodness: Ohio Decorative Arts 1788-1860 and A Tradition of Progress: Ohio Decorative Arts 1860-1945. He also serves on the boards of several museums and decorative arts organizations.

Don’t know what that item your Grandmother left you is or what it was used for? Often wondered if that knick-knack you have been dusting all these years is valuable? Should it be insured? Is it something to pass on to your children?

These questions and more can be answered by Andrew Richmond, at Campus Martius Museum on Saturday, November 4 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. In support of Campus Martius Museum, Andrew will be conducting our very own antique’s road show. For a $5.oo donation per item, you may have your questions answered by a professional in the field of antiques and appraisals. All funds collected will be donated to the Campus Martius Museum.

An Evening at the Museum

November 17, 2017
Where: Campus Martius Museum
Time: 6PM - 9PM
Cost: $55

The Friends of the Museums will hold their sixth annual fundraiser An Evening at the Museum on November 17, 2017 from 6PM-9PM at Campus Martius Museum.

This fundraiser will benefit the operations of the Campus Martius & Ohio River Museums. The unique partnership between state and community is thriving because of the support of area residents.

Your $55 ticket will include beverages, mouth-watering hors d’oeuvres provided by local caterers, live music playing throughout the museum, and much more!

Call Campus Martius Museum for tickets! (740) 373-3750

Brown Baggin' Thru History

December 1, 2017 (First Friday of every other month)
Where: Campus Martius Museum
Time: Noon - 1PM
Cost: FREE Program. Discounted admission for tour of museum

Margaret Blennerhassett by Carolina Alvarez

Carolina Alvarez performs in her 30 minute original solo show about Margaret Blennerhassett, 18th century aristocrat and adventurer, who, along with her husband, settled in the Mid-Ohio Valley in 1798 and built a palatial mansion. The Blennerhassetts’ story has intrigues historians for over two centuries. It is rife with mystery, scandal, romance, and political intrigue---most notably, their association with Mr. Aaron Burr. This event is free, thanks to the Washington County Public Library.

About Carolina Alvarez

Carolina is a professional stage and film actress, writer, director, and educator from New York City who has received critical acclaim for her work from the New York Times, Seattle Times, Marietta Times, among others. She will be ouring with the above shows throughout Ohio and Pennsylvania in 2017. She currently teaches acting at Marietta College and for the Artsbridge Organization, as well as, offering workshops at theatres and other venues.

Caroling with Santa

December 2, 2017
Where: Campus Martius Museum
Time: 1PM - 3PM
Cost: FREE

The holidays are a special time to spend family time together. Families are invited to join us at Campus Martius Museum and make ornaments, enjoy holiday snacks, a special story and a visit with Santa. Each child will also receive a free book to take home. The event is free thanks to the Washington County Public Library. Come and join us at this special time of year.

"Digging the Past" Archaeology Day

January 20, 2018
Where: Campus Martius Museum
Time: 9:30 - 4:00
Cost: Regular Museum Admission

Have you ever wondered what might lie under the ground in the location of Quadranaou, a prehistoric earthwork between 3rd and 4th street in Marietta, Ohio? Join us for Archaeology Day at Campus Martius Museum and listen to Dr. Jarrod Burks as he reveals his latest findings on this area of Marietta’s ancient history. Other speakers throughout the day will include Jamie Davis, discussing Archaeology with a drone. Ann Lee will give a report on a late archaic to early woodland site in Clermont, County. There will be a presentation on artifact photography called, Artifact Portraiture, by Jerry Anderson, a premier photographer of artifacts. Other pertinent topics will be added before the day of the event.

Campus Martius will also fill its halls with original artifacts from the pre-historic to the historic period displayed by local collectors and others from elsewhere throughout the state. Visitors will be given the rare opportunity to view these items and discuss their significance with their owners and see what might be found in their own backyard. Visitors are also encouraged to bring their local finds for identification. Archaeologist and staff member of the Ohio History Connection, Bill Pickard, will be on hand to give insight into those objects.

Younger students might enjoy the Young Archaeologist area that will have a discovery table and display of artifacts featuring dinosaur bones, fossils, and other rarities.

Brown Baggin' Thru History

February 2, 2018 (First Friday of every other month)
Where: Campus Martius Museum
Time: Noon - 1PM
Cost: FREE Program. Discounted admission for tour of museum

Guest Speaker: TBA

Details to come!

Contemporary Gunmakers & Allied Artists Show

February 10, 2018
Where: Campus Martius Museum
Time: 9:30 - 4:00
Cost: Regular Museum Admission

From the first arrival of the Ohio Company settlers to present day this area has always been the forefront of quality craftsmanship. Firearms were an essential tool in everyday life and used not only for hunting but for competition shooting. The makers of these longrifles took great pride in their workmanship in the same manner as today’s craftsman do their work.

Campus Martius will feature the work of several dozen traditional gunmakers from around the Ohio Valley as well as several other craftsmen who work in the manner of the 18th and 19th century. Many of these artists are nationally recognized for their work which can be found in museums and private collections around the country. Featured along with the gunmakers will be horn makers, hunting bag makers, leather workers, tinsmithing, cabinet making and other allied trades.

For questions contact Bill Reynolds at 740-373-3750.

Museum Day

Date: August 4, 2018
Where: Campus Martius Museum & the Ohio River Museum
Time: All Day
Cost: FREE Admission (Does not apply to groups)
Thank you to the Washington County Public Library for partnering with us for this event.

Celebrate Museum Day and discover everything that Campus Martius and the Ohio River Museums have to offer. A visit to the museums will not just be for historical discovery. There will be something for everyone from toddlers to seniors.

More details to come!

Scout Events Coming Up at Campus Martius

Girl Scout Programming at Campus Martius Museum

Scout Events can be scheduled directly through the museum. Please call the museum to discuss ways to meet your troops' needs!